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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What we're doing

This blog represents an unsystematic effort to cast a critical - not cynical, we hope - eye on new health and health care research, policy directions, and news reports. There's a lot of health news out there, and we know that people, even doctors, get a lot of their health information from the media. We posit that there's often a lot beneath the surface that the public doesn't get to see, and that many health writers don't have the opportunity to address.

From the relative luxury of our position as bloggers, free of deadlines, corporate influence (as far as we know), gag orders, or even a regular day job, but with a certain broad training and experience in health research and health care policy, we'd like to ask readers' indulgence as we delve into topics that interest us and share our humble opinions and analysis. Comments and questions are, of course, always welcome.

About the title: "Universal Antidote" was a label I once saw on a small brown bottle while I was working in a toxicology lab, and it made me laugh. (It's just activated charcoal.)



At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The world needs more blogs like this - exposing the silliness of health and health reporting. Kudos to the author.


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