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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Improving dementia-care homes in the UK

Today, after watching last evening this rather moving program in which someone called Gerry Robinson visits and tries to fix dementia care in the UK, I found out that Mr Robinson (actually Sir Gerry) was a businessman. That might explain why he just threw up his hands when confronted with pretty clear evidence that one of these homes was owned and run by two people who couldn't see past making a profit to the well-being of the residents (or the staff, for that matter). Robinson just wasn't ready to admit that capitalism might not always be a sustainable model for the provision of dementia care.

But that's what we have, for now. Measuring and improving quality of care for dementia is, according to the program, in its infancy, but developing measures and benchmarks based on quality of life would be a big step forward.


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