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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Browsing the health blogosphere

I have spent a fair amount of time wandering around the web the past couple of days, just following links from other blogs I've come across, and I think I'll share the best of it from time to time.

First off, let me dutifully call your attention to today's Skeptics' Circle Blog Carnival #44, which features a number of blogs dedicated to debunking bad science. Probably easier just to send you there than to try and explain what a blog carnival is - I think you'll find it worth the look.

A blog that focuses in part on evidence-based medicine is Blogborygmi; this blogger also hosts blog carnivals, and I'll try and jump on the next one.

Oracknows at Respectful Insolence today had a nice piece on complications of "minor" surgery. I commented there that this is one of the (typically discounted) risks of unproven mass screenings: predictable surgical and other complications are bound to occur during workup, many of which are false positives. More about that in this blog soon, I promise.


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