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Thursday, August 16, 2007

More on aging in For Better or For Worse

Today's For Better or For Worse comic strip (go to August 16, 2007, in the archive if it's not visible when you look) addresses the issue of polypharmacy: the grandfather, who is working to recover from aphasia caused by a stroke, is apparently depressed, and when his daughter suggests upping his meds, his wife replies that he's already taking too many.

Tough one. It'll be interesting to see how the strip, which takes place in Canada, resolves this issue. Will they bring in a consulting pharmacist to review all Grandpa's meds? Will they find a way, given that he can't talk, to engage him in psychotherapy (e.g., instant messaging)? Or will he be miraculously and glibly cured - maybe even of the aphasia - from an insight experienced, say, in the presence of one of his grandkids or great grandkids?

In any case, the thread is a refreshing break from the saccharine and highly annoying romance of Anthony and Lizard Breath (see, for example, August 11 in the archive).


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