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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you, CBO

California HealthLine today reports on a new Congressional Budget Office Report that finds that inefficient delivery of health care, and delivery of interventions of dubious value, will swamp the effect of the aging of the population in increasing health care costs over the foreseeable future.
"The nature of the long-term fiscal problem has been misdiagnosed," Orszag said, adding that the aging population "is not by any means the main factor" behind the projected rise in cost growth. He noted that many new medical treatments and tests are "of dubious value." He said that in their efforts to stem the growth of health care costs, Congress and federal policymakers need to promote cost effectiveness and "evidence-based" medicine (Reuters, 11/13).
Obviously Congress needs to take the lead in addressing this struggle. Senate Finance Committee chair Max Baucus pledged to address the problem aggressively; I hope he does, and I hope Budget Chief Orszag doesn't lose his job saying what needed to be said.


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