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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Antidote in translation

Scanning links to this blog in Technorati, I found that one of my recent posts (mostly consisting of data from AHRQ) has been fully translated into German! Thanks to Healthy Index for taking the time to include the content. Based on my very limited German, it does appear that this was done by a human, not by a machine like Babelfish, which is helpful in a pinch but not particularly reliable, and sometimes downright hilarious, at least for language geeks like me.

Edit: thanks to my friend Z, with whom I probably should have checked before posting, for pointing out that it is an automatic translation after all. (Just goes to show how nonexistent my German really is these days...) So my new German readership are probably scratching their heads a bit.

One of my readers pointed out the following amusing choice of a bullet, however:

O arme Amerikaner really just means "Poor Americans," (meaning Americans without resources) not "Oh, you poor Americans." At least I think it does... Europeans don't feel that sorry for us, do they?


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